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Sunday, October 26, 2008


My blog address has all moved to www.cxlcafemme.blogspot.com !! The reasons for that have stated all in my new address.


If I still haven't relink or link anyone of you, please leave a tag and remind me.

Thanks LOVELYS! ;)


Today I'm at home whole day. Had solved problems with Clara over my boyfriend, yes Clara is Eugene's ex girl. What's a problem? Ha,ha,ha. And after hours of chatting, she got to go and meet her friends.

Now, I realise I'm so bored! :( None of friends can do entertain me well ! Suckers! I don't know why I'm feeling very uncomfortable whenever old friends popped up and greeted me. Why? How come it is like this now? Why am I so pathetic? Do I change alot, people? No for sure, I believe. I ain't changed alot, definitely! World, tell me that I'm still the same - cheerful and friendly type. Ple-aa. :(

Guess what? I really need someone who can entertain me, who can quarrel with me, who can be my clown, who can be sweet-talking to me, who can dance away like bitch for me and who can laugh together with me. Someone is Leon! LYZL! Yes, it is you Leon! Where're you, baby leon?

Xiuling, why are you so stupid!

Aya, I know I've upset him so why should I disturb him? He's sleeping now right?

Stupid Xiuling!

Damn, but really I've my own reasons of doing that. Right?
Oh, fuck lah. I'm stupid.

Xiuling, why are you so stupid?

Sigh. I miss Leon, Leon, Leon, and his name is filled up all in my mind!

Ok stop it. I'm tired, and I want at least somebody to ENTERTAIN me, can? None understands me uh. I'm gonna scream all my lungs out here. I'm boreddddddd, cannot you see? Come and entertain me, kiddos! :(


Make-up and style hair before get change to Sup party.

Same thing as above.


Friday too.

Babyleon, I miss you :) to the core, like hell. Goodnight world too.

Saturday, October 25, 2008
Bad day. (edited)

I will do the points here. Better lah. Too tiring to type a story. Will do it other time. Hah!

●Went to my daddy's club having GYM with Selvam, Babyleon & Ricky.
●Ricky was so funny - kept telling me, "wtf?long time no see. I miss you girl!"
●My favourite uncle kept pulling me,bro,boyf & friends to eat the buffet there.
●Uncle kept telling me, "You're so thin. Eat more. Won't harm you!" Hah!
●At 7pm we left club, went to Haji for Sup party. :)
●Visited some friends at their workplaces there too, hahha! (Shimin! Carina!)
●was partying all th way to 10.30pm. Hahahaha.
●Babyleon and Selvam enjoyed their sheesha! -,-
●Home sweet home! Im now chatting with my damn bastard leon! :D

Goodnight, the rest of photos will be coming with next post yeah? Duh, I won't show WHOLE of them with next post. Few photos with next post and next next post, few photos too. Get me? Oh yeah. Time to switch lights off. Buhbye bitches :D


Know what? I think none THINK of my feelings. Suckers.
& yes, I'm not happy today. Bye :(

Thursday, October 23, 2008
Funny sister, and funny boyfriend.

Hahahahahah!! Yongyee made me went laughingggggg!! She complained she had to clean my little puppy! I kept laughing, so hard like hell as if there is no tomorrow ! Hahhh!

And, Leonnnnn tooo! Damn baby, he brought me another laughter! I kept laughingggg, and I had no ideas why I laughed so much today. Maybe, I'm so happy i'm having sweeeeeeeeet 3 months holiday! Gagagaha! :D

Actually baby, it should be 'I eat you up' . You typed so error, hhahahaha ! Its why I laughed! :X Cute sia!